Our Team

Vanessa Norris
Director of Compliance

Vanessa Norris’s role as the Director of Compliance will lead to compliance and training efforts across Rose Community Management. Vanessa has more than 30 years of affordable housing experience. Her affordable housing experience began in 1989, with the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing in Columbus, a developer and equity provider for affordable housing. Vanessa was the Assistant VP of Compliance and worked for OCCH for more than 9 years.


Vanessa worked for CHN Housing Partners (CHN) for more than 19 years.  CHN is a nonprofit developer in the Cleveland area who owns and manages affordable housing properties in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Vanessa was the Director of Property Management and oversaw the day-to-day operations of the housing department. 


Prior to Rose Community Management, Vanessa served as the Director of Operations for United Church Homes, a developer, and affordable senior housing owner and manager. She was responsible for the daily operations of 60 affordable multifamily communities in 14 states for two years.


Vanessa’s extensive, affordable housing experience includes LIHTC, market rate, project-based Section 8, Section 202, HCVP, HOPE VI, and Shelter+Care. During her career, Vanessa has been responsible for more than 10,000 affordable housing units and has in-depth knowledge of all housing operations levels. 


Vanessa holds several nationally recognized housing certifications, including accredited residential manager (ARM); specialist in housing credit management (SHCM); certified assisted housing manager (NLHA); national compliance professional (NCP); certified credit compliance professional (C3P — spectrum); blended occupancy management specialist (BOS); and advance LIHTC certification (OHFA). She also has had extensive Fair Housing training.