Social Impact

We support the well-being of communities by creating environmentally, socially, and economically responsible projects and plans that equalize the landscape of opportunity for their residents, and improve the balance of humans and nature.


Without a safe community, little else is possible. A lack of safety leads to poor physical and mental health outcomes as people tend to isolate, disconnect from neighbors and community, and fear the execution of day-to-day activities.

Community Building & Recreation

Creating a connected community and bringing residents together is a great way to add to overall wellbeing.

Food Security

Unfortunately, food insecurity is a widespread problem for many low-income families and individuals.

Healthy Living

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for all residents is crucial to fostering a thriving Community of Opportunity.

Financial Secuirty

Economic stability has increasingly been seen as an integral aspect of one’s health. Financial security can create longstanding opportunities for our residents and their children.


Connecting our residents to education opportunities is another crucial aspect of our Communities of Opportunity programming.

Civic Engagement 

Civic engagement refers to the active participation in activities oriented toward collective action, care, and development of others and is an essential indicator of healthy communities.

Green Initiatives

We recognize the need to mitigate the impact that our buildings have on the environment. To uphold this commitment, we implement green building standards and are committed to providing our residents with the healthiest, most energy-efficient, and affordable housing possible.


& Information Sharing

Our Communities of Opportunity programming would not be possible without a dependable and consistent method of communication. 

Arts & Culture

The social impact of arts and culture is as yet unquantified, but we believe that providing access to the arts is an essential part of building a vibrant, healthy, and thriving community that promotes wellbeing. 


Access to transportation is a central aspect of a Community of Opportunity. Access to opportunity relies upon the ability to get around in an efficient way, and for an affordable price. 


Implementing a resiliency strategy at our communities is critical to ensuring that our residents remain safe and comfortable in their homes and helps future-proof our communities against physical, social and transitional risk.

Green Cleaning

Not all cleaning products are created equal. Many cleaning products can be harmful to our residents and staff. Through our Green Cleaning Program, we carefully vet cleaning products through strict environmental and health criteria and implement new technologies to push the industry forward.